Outstanding Performance Thanks to Optimized Architecture

  • Provides 8 U space for 10 blade servers and optimized layout for fans, PSUs, switch modules, and management modules. The architecture meets single-node computing performance and power consumption balance requirements, and maintains an excellent space balance in a fully-configured 42 U cabinet.
  • Supports the BH620 V2, BH621 V2, BH622 V2, and BH640 V2 blade servers with Intel® Xeon® E5 series CPUs to meet low-end, middle-range, and high-end customer requirements.
  • Supports up to six GE, 10GE, FC switch or straight through modules.

High Reliability and Energy-Saving

  • Uses a cost-effective AC/DC or DC/DC converter to supply 12 V DC power and achieve a power conversion efficiency of up to 92% to reduce losses from power conversion.
  • Uses optimized air ducts, and supports power capping, power alternate hibernation, and intelligent fan speed adjustment to reduce system power consumption and improve heat dissipation efficiency for maximum power consumption management and control.
  • Uses N+1 redundant fans and N+N redundant management modules, PSUs, and switch modules; supports load balancing; provides seamless failover; and uses a passive backplane to prevents single point failures and ensure data security.
  • Uses carrier-class design, manufacturing process, and components to ensure high reliability.

Easy and Efficient Management Thanks to Intelligent Platform

  • Supports hot swap for all FRUs.
  • Supports IPMI 2.0 specifications to monitor hardware operations and record and query alarms and logs.
  • Supports SOL, KVM over IP, Web UI, and virtual media.
  • Supports a variety of protocols including the SNMP v3, SNMP Trap v1, SSL, SSH, RMCP, and RMCP+.
  • Uses Zero Touch-based remote maintenance for startup, shutdown, and reset to reduce O&M costs.
Dimensions (W x D x H) 447 mm x 810 mm x 353 mm (8 U) (17.60 in. x 31.89 in. x 13.90 in.)
Number of blade slots 10 slots for Huawei's BH series blade servers
Number of switch module slots 6 slots for Huawei switch modules, providing the backplane switch capacity of 3.25 Tbit/s. Modules supported as follows:
NX910 GE straight through module
NX120 4Gb FC switching module
NX220 8Gb FC switching module
NX226 8Gb FC straight through module
NX112 10GE upstream switching module
NX113 10GE upstream switching module
NX230 10GE switching module
Number of PSU slots 6 slots for 1600 W AC PSUs or 1300 W -48 V DC PSUs for hot swap
Supports N+N and N+M redundancy modes
Number of fan module slots 9 hot-swappable fan modules are installed, working in N+1 redundancy mode
Number of management module slots 2 slots for independent management modules
Supports IPMI 2.0, SOL, SSL, and SSH protocols
Supports CLI, IPMITools, RMCP+, and web for management
Power supply 110 V AC/220 V AC, or -48 V DC
Certification CE, FCC, GOST, RoHS, etc.

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